Satoshi Kon : obsession, delusion, psychic exploration
Sébastien Larroudé

There are already more than 5 years, Satoshi Kon was leaving this world as a result of cancer, one of the evils of our time and leaving us a precious and unique legacy. His immense work, original and complex is for me and no doubt millions of people, one of the major work and a strongest influences. Some authors affects us more than others. That was Mr Satoshi Konwas for me. I later learned how Satoshi Kon was influenced by Philip K. Dick. I‘m not surprised. It includes the themes of obsession, delusion, psychic exploration. These themes were explored by numerous filmmakers, writers and director but the way Satoshi Kon‘s approached both artistically and technically remains unique. He radically influenced so many famous filmmakers who reproduced in live action what Kon developed before in Anime and all especially for editing. Perfect Blue and Paprika are good example.

Why 2D? Why Live action? Technically speaking, obviously create 2d and 3d cameras is very powerful because there is no limit, unlike a real camera. But the choice of the media by type of story to tell must be perfectly symbiotic. We can say the Kon pencil hollow lesser wake of our society and its stigmas. In view of what is happening in our societies and our behaviors towards the many problems that will have us resolve very quickly, I wonder what he would have produced? What would he have sought to tell us? How could he see that? What would he have done? I would never have the answers, but I read and see his work without getting tired and every reading I find something hidden that I had not seen or had not over.Too me is work stay essentially anthropological but his eyes still full of poetry.

Recently I plunged back into Dream Fossil’ a collection of 15 short stories written in the 80’s. If you have not read yet I invite you to do. You’ll notice his unique way of telling stories. Everything is so alive and his themes of predilection are already present. Satoshi Kon will work in the following years until maturity. But ultimately, what we are talking Satoshi Kon? Of human nature without judging.
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We miss you Mister Kon!
By Ssébastien larroudé

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