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Founded in 2006, Steambot is a creative agency based in Montréal. We develop ideas and provide artistic resources for the Entertainment Industry. As visual directors, we also produce our own intellectual properties and constantly seek for more international collaborations.


Steambot began as a collective of artists sharing the same values: passion, teamwork, and desire to improve our techniques. In 2006, Steambot officially became an independant studio. Over the years, these values led us to collaborate on numerous AAA games and movies such as TRON Legacy, GODZILLA, X-MEN, DEUS EX 3, etc… Today, our accomplishments allow us to be positioned as a leader in the industry because we believe in creativity, challenges and brain connection in order to find the best solutions for our clients.



  • 2016 Steambot starts the production of two videogames based on the Urbance's franchise
  • 2015 Thanks to the success of the Kickstarter campaign, Steambot did produce a 8-mn pilot episode of Urbance in collaboration with Japan and France
  • 2014 Steambot takes a brandnew turn by producing its first animation series : Urbance. An ambitious project influenced by urban culture and japanese animation which already counts a dozen thousands fans worldwide.
  • 2013 Steambot launches its first massive workshop in New Orleans : SB Explore. 14 world reknowned artists for more than 250 people from all around the globe
  • 2012 We launch our lineup of educational products for students and professionals : Steampainting. A series of physical content (SPARK book) and digital content (Custom brushes) which allow to Steambot to reach a new audience and establish its reputation among the big studios.
  • 2009 Exodyssey comes up and becomes a landmark in the Concept Art industry. Never before a concept art book offered that much creative content.
  • 2006 Steambot officially turns into a company.

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We are creators. We produce our own in-house intellectual properties. As a franchise, ''Urbance'' is a good example of what we are doing. We recently completed the production of the 8mn-pilot of Urbance, in collaboration with Japan (Yapiko/Animation), France (Spacesheep/Compositing) and Canada (Steambot/Art Direction, BG creation and script). We also have more in the pocket: Exodyssey (Artbook/2009) and Cyan (upcoming comic book), both ready for production. Interested in our projects? Contact us anytime to talk about possibilities but also your properties, we are looking to collaborate with new partners and co-producers.


Art Direction, concept art, Character Design, Props Design, Storyboard, illustration, Seminars
If you are looking for enhance your projects, we provide visual assets for the Entertainment Industry: film, videogame, advertising, broadcast, animation, comic book and publishing. We have everything you need to help your teams: Our pipleline is flexible, efficient and adapted to your needs. Our artists are innovative and skillful enough to deliver your project on time and budget. Don't look further, contact us!


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